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     Multi-faceted person, doing my very best. I am a photographer and videographer living in Los Angeles, California which is native Tongva land. I am involved in many aspects of media content creation, mainly as a video producer, videographer, editor, or photographer. I use both digital and analogue film formats. My interest in video portraiture, narrative, and non-fiction are informed by popular culture, social commentary and identity politics. I believe the world would be a better place if we could all take feedback graciously and give it honestly.

       Most recently, I've been thinking about the effect of social media and personalized advertising on the collective cultural experience of art. Art making is no longer an exclusive or unique skill; along with mass accessibility to media is its convergence with capitalism. We are not only consumers but equal producers of media; so how can my work as an artist remain meaningful, intimate, relevant? What does it mean to be an artist in a time like this? How can we pierce through the white noise and reach the truths that move us?​

Committed to continual evolution.

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