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Filmed and Edited by Lauren Steury

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Founder of Niche Garmet Co

"At first I was just selling on the street corner so acquiring the space (during covid) was to have a place to be active on social media. And by doing so, by building relationships via social media and instagram is now mainly what I'm running my business through. Prior to having the space I was just selling clothes to make a living and once I had the space I was able to curate the type of pieces that I want to have and showcase it not only as a small business but as art, as my art."



Founder of Lykke Wullf

"I was doing wholesale, going to trade shows, you know I was doing all of the things I thought I was suppose to be doing, and I realized these things weren't working for me, and its exhausting to try to fit into these parts of the fashion industry as a small brand."
-Jemma Swatek


 Founder of BLKSMTH Denim

""[Covid] gave me time to reflect on these ideas that I kind of already had, deep down inside... the fact is I don't want to do a five pocket jean. But in reality the five pocket jean sells 3 or 4 times more than my other jeans, I don't want to do a five pocket jean, but I know I kind of have to."
-Loren Cronk


Womens Collection Buyer at America Rag Cie

"In fashion there are so many seasons, almost too many in my opinion... I think with stores not being able to buy into as much (product) as they were before, its going to force brands to really design and craft what they are doing. The industry needed that step back because everything was so 'season after season after season' and 'go, go ,go, go, go" and everyone needed to take a step back and just breathe for a second."
-Ashley Countee


Author and Founder of Denim Dudes

"The common factors that came out of this, the hope I guess... was people's passion. I think everyone who works in denim and the creative industries, what drives them, what's comes from within, gets taken over by this crazy fashion structure we've created and logistics that have got nothing to do with why they started a brand. Every single person talks about going back to what started this whole ball rolling and having this moment of peace and quiet to be able to think and breathe and consider what's next. And every single one said 'I just want to do what I want to do.'"
-Amy Leverton